Benefits for Adoptive Families

Observation and research shows that adoptive families can form bonds just as successfully as biological families. Infant and Pediatric massage plays an important role in encouraging such bonds. Maintaining eye contact along with loving touch promote a sense of being cared for and accepted. Through the use of infant and pediatric massage parents learn to become more attuned to their baby’s individual forms of communication. It can help parents to understand their baby’s unique cues and respond more appropriately. And of course having skin to skin contact through the use of loving touch, can help the family’s bond to strengthen and flourish!

Massage may provide the following benefits:


  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Enhanced neurological development
  • Improved blood circulation, digestion, and inner equilibrium (balance)
  • Improved cardiac and respiratory output
  • Promotes secure attachment, self-esteem and respect


  • Encourages bonding process with your child at the child’s pace
  • Feeling empowered by becoming more attuned to your child’s unique cues and being able to respond accordingly

Child and Parent:

  • Heightened sense of well being
  • Increased level of Serotonin (feel good hormone), decrease in Cortisol (stress hormone)
  • Increase in Oxytocin (love/cuddle hormone)
  • Increase in sense of trust, security and decrease in anxiety